BJF Mapping partners


1. The Jaguar Conservation Fund – Brazil
The JCF will coordinate the overall status of the Mapping Project which will get the data from BJF staff in the field. The JCF has been working closely with several large farmers who became partner in the Corridor project. This is a start to get the data ‘who owns what’ in the 10,4 million ha corridor zone.

2. Black Jaguar Foundation – The Netherlands / Brazil
BJF's role is execution on the ground, which is divided between extensive desk-research and field-research. Other than obtaining the data required, BJF will arrange to build a user-friendly software system for the data to be stored and monitored.

3. GPS data analysis institutes – Brazil / Global
BJF will involve organizations like Google Earth or others, to supply geographic information to identify the border zones of the different property holders.


4. Landowners Associations - Brazil
The first data, whether complete or not, will come from landowner associations to supply basic identification information for sites within the Corridor Zone and can include geographic address, industrial classifications, and linkages to environmental permits and programs.