Profiles of some of the 115 professionals who shape the BJF Team

  Bart Jaspers - Think tank & BJF Board
I gratefully accepted Bens invitation to join on this unique initiative, as I am convinced that we as a people need to take care of the nature we are part of. Although the black jaguar seems rather far from our every days' life, the need to preserve biodiversity.. Read further
    Yoska van der Harten
- Strategy & marketing communication

Respect Mother Nature and live accordingly.
My number one life motto. And as many people, I did not escape the western society rat-race, being work-a-holic in a corporate world. Now I would like to set an example to my peers: you can plan.. Read further
Ben Valks - Initiator
Ben is a nature lover, adventurer and entrepreneur. During his numerous jaguar expeditions he learned about the impact of the drastic deforestation in Brazil and the desctructive consequences of the world's most vital ecosystems for humanity.  Read further
    Floris Wouterson - Networking & Think tank
Floris is a serial entrepreneur with a vast experience in private banking and retail. ''I am convinced we will achieve a "paradigm shift" in the way we look at the world and in particular to the Amazon rainforest and Cerrado savanna.''
  Chris Tap - Sculptor
Tap is fascinated mostly by cats. Tap exhibited his works in art fairs globally. Chris is one of the great contributors to the BJF. He donated his talent to design and sculpture a magnificent black jaguar statue for the BJF and reproduces 600 unique versions of it! Read further
    Nuno Negrões  -PhD jaguar biologist - Bolivia
After more than 3 years jaguar-research in the Amazon for my PhD, I felt that it is time to take my experience to the next level. I have now the chance to contribute to effective jaguar conservation and to share this concern with the world. Research is useful only if.. Read further
  Jerry Griep - Think tank & treasurer BJF
“When was the last time you took a moment to understand the world we live in ? It can no longer be ignored that strong initiatives such as this are vital to preserve the environment and all life on our planet including our own. Read further
    Philippe Vanden Weghe - Networking Belgium
''I have always been attracted by and involved with nature. However, I have also been a large consumer of our precious planet running a natural stone business for many years. Now is the time for me to pay back what I'll do as a fundraiser for the BJF.'' Read further
  Irene Andra - Content & Social media
Preserving the rain forest is of vital importance for both humans and animals. Creating a safe corridor for the jaguar (an umbrella species) is a most practical and clear goal. That’s what makes BJF’s commitment appealing and  tangible for me. Read further
    Kaspar Burn - Networking - Brazil
Kaspar was born in Switzerland where he was successful in the sports & steel business. He moved to Brazil for his passion for nature and settled near the Pantanal: the world's largest tropical wetland. His vast knowledge of Brazil and his drive for conservation.. Read further
  Jan Willem Lokerman -  Sponsoring
As renowned sponsor-marketing lecturer and author of  ‘Sponsoring, theory & practice’, Jan Willem brings an enormous value of experience into the BJF sponsor team. For the film ‘People of the Forest’ by legendary producer the late Hugo van Lawick, it was Lokerman..Read further
    Jeroen Otter -  Fundraising
When I was asked to join the sponsor team of BJF, I didn’t doubt it for a second. Although my daily mindset was not focused on nature, I have always thought about contributing to it’s preservation. This unique project offers me the opportunity to walk the talk. Read further
  Remco de Boer - Cramer Accountants
A better society starts with a healthy environment. Our office tries to reach this by creating a “paperless” office.  Besides this we sponsor for example the Black Jaguar Foundation. Why this foundation? Because this foundation protects the nature.. Read further
    Suzanne Bergman – Text writer
I love to write and to put a message, any message, into clear words. Writing for the website and brochure of the BJF not only means writing about a fascinating subject and animal. It also means contributing to a very enthusiastic team which goes.. Read further
  Pascale Fuchs - Sponsoring & PR
With a management consultancy business in the pet industry and a foundation ‘With animals Better people’, nature conservation and animals are always in my heart. The Black Jaguar Foundation is an inspiring initiative to draw attention to CSR.
Read further
    Ru van Meeteren - Visual effects
Managing Director Ru van Meeteren has elevated his company 'Cinemeta' to reach the top media segment in the post production-film industry. His company will use its state of the art facilities for audio and visual editing, for the benefit of the BJF productions. Read further
  Kurt Kelly - Voice Over Artist
Besides being one of the most wanted Voice-Over-Artist in the film and entertainment industry in the USA,  Kurt Kelly is very committed towards non-profit organziations. He donated his 'voice experience'for the BJF documentary trailer and actively advocates the BJF within his.. Read further
    Hans Knoop - Media specialist
When I heard that the endangered black jaguar had never been filmed in the wild and that the Black Jaguar Foundation intends to make a documentary about this animal to promote a large conservation project, I was immediately keen to give my support. Read further
  Ingomar Klaui - BJF Board
In the past 50 years, more damage has been done to our planet than ever before.
I am proud to be part of the BJF who converts passion for nature and our planet, into action.
To help realize the Corridor-project is such an 'action-example'.
Read further
    Sjoerd van Schaaijk - Design
I've never been in the habit to lose myself completely in my professional life because of the urge to enjoy the private one. Being part of great initiatives like the BJF contributes to this enjoyment. It combines pro and private in a great way. Read further
  Alex Vermeule - Social Media Engineering
Alex is entrepreneur and  founder of vnext media, a collective for digital media professionals. Donating a part of our professional time to BJF is a wonderful way of making a difference together and supporting Mother Nature. Read further
    Jeanette aan de Stegge - Artist
'I am delighted to use the talent of painting I inherited for the cause of giving back to mother nature itself. I will do this by painting a mythical black jaguar and donate the proceeds to the Black Jaguar Foundation.' Jeanette's award winning portraits.. Read further
  mr. Leonie Roos - Notary Public at Batenburg
She is one of the the 4 senior notaries at Batenburg Notary Public company in the Netherlands. She was involved with the establishment of the Black Jaguar Foundation in 2009 and is an enthusiast supporter since.
    Daniel Oscar Hunter - Documentary filmmaker
The Araguaia corridor is an extremely important area of the Amazon rainforest and its conservation needs to be a global concern. The BJF represents the values of passion, commit- ment and innovation for the conservation of our natural environment.  Read further 
  Bart Jenezon - Trailer production
Founder of The 1nspiring Company, presenting the new way of (net) working. ''We are proud to have supported the Black Jaguar Foundation with the documentary trailer, presentations and workshops''. Quote: 'Together Everybody Achieves Magic'  Read further
    Fred Porro - MD Ignite London / Sponsor Activation
Ignite-London has produced the two largest global music events in history : Live 8 and Live Earth. As MD of Ignite-London, Fred has been a true contributor to the BJF since his first encounter with the foundation. Ignite-London advises and supports the BJF's  Read further
  Philip Jan Meijer - Networking
''I like challenges and I feel proud to donate my talent for this great cause. The challenging projects of the BJF are concrete and exciting!'' Being an entrepreneurial sales director pur sang, Philip will demonstrate corporations the social & marketing opportunity to partner with the BJF. Read further
    Nicole Bekhuis - Networking
The BJF fits with my own fundamentals, with who I am. Ultimately, the goals pursued by the BJF, will have an impact on anyone, including you. Everything we surround ourselves with has been given us by Mother Earth, though we are not always aware of it...Read further

Hans Idema - CSR lecturer & Think tank
I'm inspired by corporations and initiatives as the Black Jaguar Foundation that show how human intelligence and perseverance can lift innovation to a different level. A level where economy helps, not ruins, our planet. A new level, perhaps, for humanity itself. Read further
  Robert Brouwer - Sponsoring
The BJF offers companies the opportunity to reach 2 goals in 1 shot:  Worldwide promoting your  ‘green corporate reputation’ and at the same time preserving the habitat of the most magical animal on earth. I consider it my quest
to alert companies.. Read further
  Vlad Kadlubytskyy - Networking - Ukraine
"Earth is one living organism, and it provides us with everything we need, free.  I am happy to contribute my time and knowledge towards the BJF goals.'' Vlad is Managing Director of Larive Ukraine, part of the international advisory group Larive.
Read further
    Angel Garcia-Rojo - Producer
With his company UDENA, Angel’s goal is to generate international awareness in the shape of documentaries, to showcase the importance of the biodiversity that Latin America shares with the world. ‘’I would encourage everyone to support the cause of the BJF.'' Read further
  Natasja de Winter - Fundraiser - Argentina
''Given my passion for nature and preservation, my extensive network and my sales experience in South America, it was a natural decision to get in touch with the BJF. Delivering great results combined with sheer willpower is an absolute challenge to me.'' Read further
    Jacqueline GoffartTranslations & Networking
‘’This is what I like to do: act according to my responsibilities for fair causes that ring true’’ . Jacqueline is the manager in charge of HOME. Since her contact with the BJF, she has been of great support to the BJF for translating and make connections work. Read further
  Rob Burkhard - Communications consultant
When I first heard of the Black Jaguar Foundation, I was directly moved by its aim. Not only did it appeal to my love for nature and wildlife, it also presented a direct link to my country of birth, Brazil. Moreover, it offered me the chance to actually do..Read further
    Pauljan van der Zee -  Legal counsel
The protection and conservation of nature and endangered species of animals is very important to me. The BJF is an organization with a great mission and I think it is an honour and a challenge to support the activities of the Foundation and to assist.. Read further

  Thomas Roos - BJF's videographer
I enjoy spending time in nature, so how could I ever allow mother Earth to be damaged while I had a chance to protect it? That's the reason why I want to use my skills as a photographer and filmmaker to support BJF's amazing initiative to preserve our planet. Read further
    Gerard Nieveen - Relationship manager
The Earth is not ours: 'we borrow it from our children'. As a father I want to leave this borrowed world behind a better place.
By being a relationship manager for the Black Jaguar Foundation I can contribute to this goal. The BJF gives companies... Read further
          Ivan Nisida - Research & Networking - Brazil
The Araguaia Corridor Project couldn't have arrived at a better timing. The water crisis in Brazil urges an abrupt change on the way forests are conceived and protected. My role at the BJF in Brazil is research and networking. Read further