Black Jaguar Foundation - Identity


The Black Jaguar Foundation (BJF) was founded in Amsterdam in 2009 in the Netherlands. Its registered name is 'Stichting Black Jaguar Foundation'.
At the start of the foundation in 2009, the goal was (just) to make a unique documentary about the wild black jaguar. Inpired by HOME the movie, we have expanded our mission. As of 2012, a tangible contribution to preserving and restoring the natural habitat of the jaguar is our mission. On such a scale it has impact on our own lives and that of future generations. The required budget for 2012 and 2013 has increased tenfold.

The Black Jaguar Foundation (BJF) consists of a dedicated team of successful professionals, suppliers and ambassadors, who share a major concern for and commitment to the world environment. Goal oriented, we are committed to playing our part to restore the balance between nature and mankind. In close cooperation with world renowned partners.

Key values

  • Commitment to the environment
  • Belief in the need to preserve the environment for future generations
  • Passion, Drive, competence & Enthusiasm
  • Goal oriented: ‘’make it happen’’
  • Open minded & Trust worthy
  • Exciting, Distinctive & Inspiring
The story of the BJF is a 'Positive Story'. We want to express optimism and positivism! - hope in times when the scarring of our mother earth seems devastating!

Instead of complaining, denouncing the criminal acts of irresponsible corporations and illegal loggers, or climbing in the trees to join the tree-huggers, we firmly believe we can and will make a positive and constructive contribution.

The BJF is a non-profit organization with a healthy, transparent financial status with minimum overhead costs.


Key partner 
The Black Jaguar Foundation has set up strong ties with the Jaguar Conservation Fund (JCF) or Fundo para a Conservação da Onça-Pintada based in Brazil. The JCF is headed by renowned Dr. Leandro Silveira. He is one of the world's leading jaguar conservationists, with twenty years of experience in jaguar conservation and ten years of acting as the president of the JCF. He is featured in the book Wildlife Heroes, which was released in March of 2012, presenting 40 of the worlds' most renowned wildlife conservationists.
The planning of all our activities can be divided in 3 phases:
1) Preparation phase :
goal setting - website - trailers - campaign - team
2) Fundraising phase
3) Carrying out BJF projects in the field

The 4 BJF projects in aid of the corridor project will be fully financed by BJF. Until we have obtained sufficient funds to embark upon our first project, we will operate only out of the Netherlands. Soon hereafter, we will set up our own operation(s) in Brazil to coordinate and execute the projects in the field.

The Foundation's related administrative partners:

Notary public:
Maatschap Batenburg -
Contact: Dr. Leonie Roos

Accounancy firm:
Cramer Accountants -
Contact: Mr. Remco de Boer

Bank relation:
AbnAmro Amsterdam -
Contact: Mr. P. Rijneke 

The board consists of Mr. J. Griep, Mr. I.Klaui and Mr. B.Jaspers, all Dutch residents.

Inquiries & support:

Black Jaguar Foundation Office location:
Hettenheuvelweg 26
1101BN - Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel. 020 - 760 0765

Chamber of Commerce registry nr:  34327956
Fiscal tax nr: 820466888
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