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BJF - Dutch office - Amsterdam
Office sponsored by Cinemeta
Eric Schoorl

BJF - Brazil office - São Paulo
Office sponsored by Pró Result
Ivan Nisida

BJF - Germany office - München
Office sponsored by Drehmoment
Hans Hagen

Want to become part of the BJF Team too?

Contact us when you too want to get involved with the BJF or want to donate your talent to activate and promote the BJF in your home-country.

Or if you have any ideas on how to get other people and companies interested in our cause, feel free to let us know.

Volunteer time and free services are of great value to us. However, to actually execute our projects in the field, we need funds – hard cash; money from donors, sponsors and contributors.
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Black Jaguar Foundation
Bank: AbnAmro Bank
Amsterdam - The Netherlands
Iban: NL84 ABNA 0490 5930 38

PDF Brochure :  BJF 2012
PDF Flyer:         TheLast600 campaign


We quite often receive offers from people that would like to help, which is fantastic! There are many ways in which you could help.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Become participant in 'TheLast600' campaign.

2. Organize a unique and creative event to promote the    
    TheLast600 campaign: the best 10 contenders win amazing     prizes, such as fully paid expedition trips to Brazil!

3. Make a donation and become Green, Silver, Supporting   
    Friend or
Diamond member.

4. Alert your boss or colleagues about the opportunity to
    become BJF sponsor partner.

5. Take part in our groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

6. Write an article about our initiative in your local newspaper.