BJF Documentaries partners


1. The Jaguar Conservation Fund – Brasil
The JCF will enlist their staff, knowledge, access to parks, equipment and 20 years of experience working with jaguars, to make the documentaries a success.  They have previously been of great assistance in spotted jaguar documentaries, made by BBC, National Geographic and Animal Planet.

2. Camera – Masahiro Iijima  - Japan
One of world’s top 3 wildlife cameramen, ‘Mr. Massa’, has spent his life behind the lens capturing endangered and elusive animals on film. His last project was just another achievement by filming wild snow leopards in the Himalayas. His work has been published and broadcasted by National Geographic, NHK, TBS. Massa will also bring in his innovative techniques and tools to capture rare elusive cats on film.

3. Camera - New Earth Films - England
Managing director Kevin studied film, media and television, specializing in camera operation in his home country. Ever since he has filmed in over 50 countries and he trains wildlife film crew before they venture out.

4. Production – UDENA – England
UDENA Natural History Unit brings together the experts (conservationists  and filmmakers) of the Latin-American region. Their goal:  preservation through global awareness made possible through natural history documentaries.

5. Post production - Cinemeta Digital– The Netherlands

CineMeta is a high end post-production company with unmatched facilities. Managing Director Ru van Meeteren has elevated his company to reach the top media segment in his industry. The company will use its state of the art facilities for audio and visual editing, for the benefit of the documentary.

6. Coordination - BJF – The Netherlands
BJF's role in the documentaries is fundraising, coordination  and management to make it happen.  Several of BJF members are involved in the documentary itself among filmmaker Oscar Daniel Hunter. BFJ initiator Ben Valks spent over 20 jaguar-expeditions to photograph jaguars in the wild and will be based in the filmcamp. BJF's Nuno Negroes obtained a PhD in jaguar behavior and will assist the film crews on the ground.

7. Other camera & sound crew – Brazil