Introduction BJF Tasks

3 specific tasks to help realize the Corridor   Time-line of the BJF Projects
The BJF has taken on 3 challenging tasks/projects to help realize the Araguaia corridor. Each of the tasks will be financed by the BJF.

1.    BJF Corridor Mapping project
Identify all landowners of the 10.4 million hectare corridor zone.

2A.    BJF Corridor International Documentary
Raise international awareness for the corridor project.
    BJF Corridor Local documentary / short films
Raise awareness and create involvement on a local scale.

3.    BJF Corridor Reforestation fund
Create a Reforestation Fund to help realize the corridor.

Springboard for all partners involved
The 3 BJF projects in aid of the Araguaia Corridor, will be a springboard for all partners involved to further develop this bold conservation initiative.

Budget required to realize the BJF projects
Tens of millions of dollars are required to realize and monitor the entire 2,600 km-long and 40 km-wide corridor project. Basically, 4 phases can be distinguished:
1. Analyzing - Planning - Research - PR
2. Involving local communities, landowners and farmers
3. Reforestation and Preservation
4. Monitoring the corridor zone once protected
The BJF is involved in the first phase (PR and Research) and in the second phase (Involvement). Although we may increase the extent of our support to the corridor project in the long term, we will start off with a relatively small, but manageable, budget of 
3 Million.

With this budget in cash (not in kind), we will be able to accomplish our first aforementioned tasks and make a good start on our fourth task. Once the Mapping Project has been completed, it will become easier for the BJF to generate funds for our other challenging tasks in aid of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor.

  Estimated start of our first field project: first quarter of 2014.
Upon receipt of the required funds, we will immediately start our field operations in Brazil. The first of three BJF projects will consist of carrying out the Corridor Mapping project > mapping the 10.4 million ha corridor zone.  It will generate factual results of our first field-project which can be shared with our contributors and sponsor-partners. The funding of this first field-project will also have a flywheel effect. It will enable the BJF, but also the other Corridor-Alliance partners, to further raise funds to continue carrying out our set tasks for the benefit of the Araguaia Corridor.