BJF Corridor Documentary projects

BJF Corridor International Documentary   BJF Corridor Local documentary / short films
Goal : Raise global awareness for the corridor project

By presenting the corridor project to the world in a high-impact, awe-inspiring international documentary. To make it even more exciting for viewers, as well as to acquire media-attention, footage of the mythical wild black jaguar will also be included.

To generate awareness, media attention and action on a global scale. The international documentary will act as a 'flywheel' for BJF and its Corridor Partners, to attract more sponsors, partners, followers, FB fans and... contributors.

There will be 2 phases of the international documentary:
    -    Corridor Region phase
    -    Black jaguar footage phase

BJF has gathered a special 'Team' to succeed for this part of the documentary. In cooperation with JCF, a unique location with relative high density black jaguars has been allocated for filming, patience and high tech equipment are other elements of the 'winning strategy'

The filming of both phases will start at the same time and will have a 'final-product' with or without the footage.

Picture taken by sensor-camera trap in the wild.

Goal : Raise awareness and create involvement on a local scale.

By producing informative short films to inform and engage Brazilians in general and those who own land or live in the corridor zone in particular. The films will demonstrate how local communities and enterprises can co-exist with nature and so become an Ambassador for the corridor project.

The films must be educational: showing how people in the corridor zone can live sustainably along the river in harmony with the very nature that they require for their own future as well. The Star Ambassadors should be featured in the films to allow them to spread the word and to create more Star Ambassadors.

At the same time, the films must be exciting to watch, including footage of animals living in the corridor that the viewers can relate to and on which they depend for their own livelihood.

The basic ground work for the Corridor-Project is done. The partners of the Corridor-Alliance are grouped. Now is the time to inform and involve the people, companies, communities who are connected in one way or the other with the Corridor-Zone. Because they form an integral part of the solution and success of this ambitious conservation project.

Till date ( July 2013 ) 98% of the people living in the prospected Corridor-region are not aware as yet and have no information about the plans of the Alliance. Outside Brazil this most ambitious conservation project is not known at all.

Therefore a strong PR campaign will need to be developed in 2012 and 2013. An important part of this PR campaign are documentaries and short online films.