The goal of the Black Jaguar Foundation   Mission and Inspiration
The Black Jaguar Foundation (BJF) consists of a dedicated team of successful professionals, suppliers and ambassadors, volunteering to contribute restoring the balance between nature and humanity.

Main project:
The BJF and its partners work to realize the Araguaia Nature Corridor: the longest biodiversity-corridor on earth - 2.600 km long and up to 40 km wide - in the heart of Brazil.

It will preserve thousands of species and can become South-America's biggest reforestation project. Millions of indigenous trees will be replanted.

The BJF is a devoted member within the international Alliance of Araguaia-Corridor-Partners, headed by the Jaguar Conservation Fund in Brazil.

We choose the black jaguar as its fate (there are only 600 left) symbolizes the precarious future of all of the Amazon Rainforest and Cerrado Savanna in Central Brazil.
Inspired by HOME

The beautiful, inspiring and confronting documentary HOME made by Yann Arthus-Bertrand with the message 'We all have the power to change', has inspired the BJF to where we stand today : contribute to restore the balance between nature and mankind.
We all have the power to change
The story of the BJF is a 'Positive Story': a running train on which contributors and corporations can jump for the benefit of current and future well as to their own benefit. We want to express optimism and positivism! - hope in times when the scarring of our mother earth seems devastating!
Instead of complaining, denouncing the criminal acts of irresponsible corporations and illegal loggers, or climbing in the trees to join the tree-huggers, we firmly believe we can and will make a positive and constructive contribution!  
Every day, there is so much negative and depressive news about the deforestation of (rain)forests. We will not stand by and watch the deforestation progress at an alarming rate or witness the vanishing of yet another species. We will spring into action, on the ground - to preserve and restore jaguar habitat - replant indigenous trees - in the heart of Brazil - on a massive scale - following a well-structured and well-managed plan - in close cooperation with the elite of conservationist organizations: to help restore the balance between nature and humankind.