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There are only 600 wild black jaguars left in the wild. This number represents the precarious situation not only for the jaguar, but for the future of  the entire ecosystems of the Amazon Rainforest and Cerrado Savanna in Brazil. These ecosystems are also vital for our own lives and our future generations.

The photo-wall of TheLast 600 campaign website is divided into 600 numbered pixels or windows. When a window is sold, the color of the window will change from 'deforested grey' to 'jungle green'. When all 600 windows are sold, the full image of the green intact Amazon rainforest, part of the Araguaia Corridor zone becomes visible.

Your own PR-window
Each of the 600 windows include a unique PR-window for each participant. A personal video-message of the person or company becomes visible when clicking on his/her window. It is great way to share your social and environmental commitment with friends and clients.
And there is more!

Win a trip to the Brazilian rainforest
The top 10 participants, who produce a video testimonial that is inspiring, creative and gets others involved too, will have a chance to win a fully paid trip to the Corridor Zone in the Brazilian Amazon!

Your jaguar sculpture
As a participant in TheLast600 campaign, you will also receive a unique jaguar sculpture. Each jaguar sculpture is handcrafted, carries the number of your PR-window and is designed by award- winning sculptor Chris Tap.


Limited edition: 600
Unique: Each sculpture is individually handcrafted.
Design :       Award winning sculptor Chris Tap
Included: Certificate of authenticity & registered number of PR window on each sculpture
Packing: Stylish hard carton gift box in BJF design
Material base: Solid marble
Material eyes: Onyx gemstones
Size: 10 cm (w) x 12 cm (h) x 16 cm (l)



Become participant in TheLast600 campaign. You receive the Title 'Supporting Friend' or 'Corporate Friend' of the Black Jaguar Foundation - helping us to realize the Araguaia Nature Corridor.

You receive the full Supporting Friend package, which includes your own video/Pr window at TheLast600.org,
a unique black jaguar sculpture, and an exclusive Supporting Friend Poster, plus a chance to win a fully-paid trip to Amazon!

Companies can become 'Corporate Friend' and receive additional benefits. Learn all about the Corporate Friend packages.

But above all, your donation will help realize the Araguaia Corridor in Central Brazil: the world's longest biodiversity corridor and one of South America's most ambitious reforestation projects.


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Campaign details and Terms&Conditions
Click here to read through the frequently asked Questions & Answers related to TheLast600 campaign. You will also find here the Terms & Conditions to qualify for a chance to win a fully paid trip to the Amazon.

Sponsor partner campaign website
The design and development of the campaign website TheLast600 has been fully sponsored by the company Pixelindustries, based Haarlem in the Netherlands. Click here to view their video testimonial at window # 432