Memberships   What's in it for you?
You will contribute improving the world for future generations

There is so much negative news about the deforestation of rainforests or about yet another species that has vanished. Your support will help to do something back, to preserve and restore jaguar habitat - replant indigenous trees -  in the heart of Brazil - on a massive scale - within a well structured and managed plan - in close cooperation with the elite of conservationist partners.

Your donation will help realize the 2.600 km Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor:  an ambitious conservation project to preserve and connect 2 essential ecosystems. 10% is already achieved and your contribution will help complete this important cause.

  Silver Membership:
Donate between 1 and 999  and you will receive the BJF newsletter thus keeping you up to date on the development of our 4 projects in aid of the Coridor project.

Supporting Friend membership:
With a donation of 1,000 you receive the title 'Supporting Friend' of the BJF. You also become participant in TheLast600 campaign.

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Supporting Friend Gold membership:
The second level is to become 'Supporting Friend Gold' with a donation of 5,000.

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Diamond Friend Membership:
Donate 25,000 and you become Diamond Friend of the BJF!

In addition to all the perks of the Supporting Friend Gold package and exclusively for Diamond Friends, the BJF-Team will organize an all inclusive Diamond Trip for 10 days to visit the Araguaia Corridor Project in Central Brazil and a visit to the Olympic Games in Rio. Expenses of the trip will be paid by the Diamond Friend in addition to the Diamond Friend donation fee.

A unique experience to learn all about this bold conservation project and the flora and fauna of the Amazon Rainforest together with a visit to the greatest sporting event on earth.

In other words: an experience of a lifetime!
Click here for the trailer of the BJF Diamond Friend Trip.

For Dutch citizens and companies, your donation is tax deductable. As the Black Jaguar Foundation obtained the ANBI-status, a status given to foundations serving the society without aim of profit, from the Dutch tax authorities.