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Demonstrate your commitment to our vulnerable planet
As you place high regard to Social Corporate Responsibility, brand awareness and corporate reputation, our foundation could very well be the tool to demonstrate your commitment to our vulnerable planet.

Why become sponsor partner of the BJF ?


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- High visibility of your brand name within small sponsor mix
- Great marketing tool to involve your customers & employees
- Highly topical and current issue
- Exclusivity for your industry
- Exciting content that can be used to implement your CSR strategies
- Exciting content to show your target audience that you care.
- Small, agile and transparent foundation
- Collaboration between BJF and your company can be tailored to
  your product and/or service
- BJF considers you a member of the team
- Your company will make a difference:
  your partnership will improve the world to the benefit of present 
  and future generations.

Unique marketing and PR opportunity
Partnering with the BJF proves to be more than charity support. It is a unique marketing and PR opportunity to involve your customers and employees and boost brand loyalty on a global scale.

The BJF offer companies sponsor-rights allowing your company to communicate you are a sponsor-partner of the BJF to your customers, clients, dealers, employees, suppliers, stakeholders etc.
You can choose from five sponsor levels, each one specific and exclusive to an industry sector and geographical region (country - continent - global). In addition to the sponsor rights, we offer extensive sponsor benefits package or each level.

The first level is to become 'Corporate Friend' for 5.000,--.
Click here to learn all about the benefit packages for BJF Corporate Friends.
For a tailored sponsor approach for your organization, kindly contact us at
We can assist you in setting up a sponsor-communication campaign, which is tailored to your organization customers or workforce to make the most of your sponsorship participation!  
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For Dutch citizens and companies, your donation is tax deductable. As the Black Jaguar Foundation obtained the ANBI-status, a status given to foundations serving the society without aim of profit, from the Dutch tax authorities.