BJF Education program


Involving children at elementary schools

The BJF has started to give presentations at elementary schools in 2012. The aim is to to share information about the vital importance of the Amazon Rainforests and Cerrado Savanna, for our own lives in the western world. 

These two ecosystems are not only vital for the future of the children, but also home to the symbolic black jaguar. By saving the 'home' of the jaguar, we also save our own future. With practical examples and video-animations, children at the age of 9 to 11 receive a 'Kids version' of the BJF presentation.

What we learned is that in spite of their young age, the young students already know so much about the vulnerability of our mother earth. In addition, they are very keen to spring into action to help preserve mother earth.

Drawing competition
To help raise awareness for the impact of humanity on nature, the kids are asked to make a drawing about what they learned during the BJF presentation. The winner of all drawings will be framed next to a 'real jaguar'! 

Involvement of elementary schools
It is also possible for your school to involve all the students with the cause of the BJF, raising funds to adopt/own one of the BJF black jaguar sculptures, as part of TheLast600 campaign.





Example: the winning drawing at Europaschool - Amsterdam

Awarding the price to the winner... and the entire class!