- Symbol precarious future of the Amazon and Cerrado
As you know, there are only 600 black jaguars left in the wild. We have chosen the black jaguar to be our foundation's icon because its fate symbolizes the endangerment of all species as well as the precarious future of all of the Amazon rainforest and Cerrado savanna in Brazil.


Other reasons why the choose the black jaguar to be our icon:

- The Jaguar is the 'top predator'

On top of the food chain, the jaguar is required to keep a balance in the ecosystem: regulating population sizes of species such as peccaries, capybara, and caiman. Maintenance of this delicate balance has direct impact on the biodiversity of the natural habitat.

- Role of the Jaguar as 'umbrella species'

Since the jaguar needs large areas to survive and reproduce, it is considered an umbrella species. By preserving the habitat needed for the jaguar to survive, all other species in the ecosystem benefit from the jaguars' protection.

- The mythical Jaguar is an endangered species

The Black Jaguar is a magic beast. It's strength, beauty, intelligence and elegance, makes it one of the worlds favorite in the animal kingdom. The myths about the black jaguar go back to Mayan and Aztec civilizations (2000 BC - 1500 AD). The fact it has never been filmed in the wild reinforces its mythical status. Unfortunately humans have wiped out 97% of the jaguar population. Of the expected 10.000 still existing wild jaguars an estimation of 600 are black.